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ENERPOST Mounting Post for Floodlights

Product code: ENERPOST

Dimensions: 20" Long, 3.5" Wide

  • Outdoor Fixtures Remain Straight and Sturdy Using the ENERPOST
  • 3.5" Outer Diameter Allows Best Fit for Conduit
  • 20" Length Ensures Solid Footing in the Ground
  • Horizontal Stabilizers And Black Cap Included
  • Easy Installation, Non-Breakable
  • Replaces Conduit Box, Grounded Through the Fixture  
  • Will Not Rust or Corrode, Lawn Mower Friendly
  • Replacement Cap Fits 3.5" Diameter
  • Black Replacement Cap Part# CAP801
  • Custom Lengths Available Upon Request
  • Order As: ENERPOST (Available In Black Only)
.pdf Specification Sheet
Enerpost.pdf [PDF 36.07 KB]

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